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About Manish Global Immigration

In today’s highly competitive environment Manish Global Immigration Services has sped up efficiency of operations as a matter of competitive advantage. However, along with speed and efficiency, quality of work is also equally important for current scenario in this century.

We consider it our professional responsibility towards our objective of services to analyze and review each case very carefully before representing the client, thereby maintaining individuality and client confidence in all dealing. We hold Attorney-Client privilege in very high esteem and respect the employer’s relationship with the employee being kind and generous.

Manish Global Immigration Services

We have an associate office in Kolkata……………………… which functions as a back-office providing our clients with greater convenience. The Indian arms of international companies will have the luxury of sending documents to our associate office, thus reducing shipping and handling, and increasing efficiency of operations.

More importantly, as a firm handling a high volume of cases, we have acquired a level of expertise in this field of visa services, which enables us to find answers to virtually to any conceivable problem. As experienced practitioners we are always up to date on the latest developments which will benefit our clients. We provide each case with individual attentions. The firm takes pride in its ability to work closely with clients and to address and meet individual needs. We are responsive to our clients needs and understand how important each situation is.

Our information facilities allow us to always keep you informed about the latest developments in your case. Through our electronic media, you are now able to directly check your case status, and evaluation result, upload required documents. This combination of specialized knowledge, Superior technical capabilities, expertise and comprehensive support facilities, enables our firm to maintain its high success rate in the processing of all immigration cases.

Our understanding

  1. Our mission objective at a renewed commitment to excellence performance
  2. The firm has an unparalleled track record of success in immigration with story
  3. Represents individuals and corporate clients with the same fervor for long term benefits
  4. Has pride in its efficiency level of working
  5. Dignity in its endeavors with high positive self esteem
  6. Provides highly cost effective service upon situational aspects
  7. A Profile of Services Offered with kind heart being path makers
  8. Highly sophisticated networked operations for quick turn-around time
  9. Interactive web page with up-to-date status reports
  10. Computerized services
  11. Courteous, Multi-lingual staff of over the world
  12. Staff that is fully trained in immigration matters to execute very well
Manish Global Immigration Services

High quality services with values that are in line with your own.

  1. Highlights of the firm
  2. Reasonable professional fees
  3. Cost to value ratio
  4. Expertise in immigration and financial and business consultancy
  5. Knowledgeable staff
  6. Full fledged web operations so that each corporate client can access information on the web with their own password
  7. Comprehensive information and forms website for the benefit of our clients
  8. Fully equipped back office in Mumbai. This will provide our clients with additional services at a low cost with quick turnaround times
  9. Ability to submit documents at our Mumbai office, thus reducing overhead costs and increasing efficiency of operations
  10. Immediate response to client needs
  11. Friendly, caring and efficient workers
  12. Expertise and experience
  13. Speed of processing due to large staff
  14. Easy Payment facilities
  15. Very high rate of success in all application filed
  16. Going the extra mile to satisfy the clients
  17. Highly automated and computerized systems and enhanced technological innovations
  18. Back-up system in place for all documentation